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With a vast experience in both voice and data networks, our consultants are able to design, build, commission and support network solutions that empower and enable your organisation. Network infrastructure is the communications fabric underpinning any organisation's information systems for data, voice or video communication. If optimized and effective it enables the full benefit of your information systems to be realized for maximum business benefit. Through wireless and mobile infrastructure this may also enable new modes of working irrespective of location. However, all too easily it can be constraining, unreliable and inefficient, thus reducing efficiency, capability and customer service. Having the right network infrastructure is therefore a strategic imperative for any organisation at a business as well as an ICT level.
Local and Wide Area Networks (LAN/WAN)
A combination of advanced communications technology devices linked via wide area communication circuits, building cabling or wireless infrastructure to provide data and voice communication to the desktop.
Local Area Networks
These usually are within a building or a collection of buildings in close proximity. The increasing bandwidth demands place pressure on network infrastructure provision which can quickly become constraining if not properly planned. We are able to provide network design and connectivity solutions to meet the needs of customers by addressing customers’ current and anticipated future needs.
Connectivity for Branch Office, Home Workers or Mobile Users
when you are expanding your network to additional offices or mobile users, there are many considerations to be made including the range of applications from which data needs to be accessed, the distribution of data between locations and the method of connectivity. We will help you assess your requirements and provide the right solution to maximise the cost and productivity benefits of implementing a wide area network.
Wide Area Networks
these cover a greater geographical area – across a city or even across a country and usually use the existing infrastructure to link up.
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