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Telephone Systems

Authorized contractor and installer of the Avaya, range of corporate communication systems and telephone handsets. Our service is currently being utilized by many renowned companies in the United Kingdom. No matter what the problem is, we are here to solve all your needs. From expert advice relating to the installation of analogue or digital lines, to the up gradation of your current phone system, we provide you one window solution for all your problems.  We understand the daily inconveniences that companies face nowadays; therefore we coordinate directly with all our clientele to implement completely integrated telephony solutions. Our unfailing portfolios, unparalleled market knowledge and engineering understanding allows us to provide the latest information on how to decrease costs, grasp technological developments successfully and enhance your overall productivity. The Support packages we offer are a testament to our claim. Acorn Comms excels in the delivery, setting up, and maintenance of a wide array of phone structures from the world’s biggest and most esteemed communication gear and equipment producers and manufacturers including BT, Avaya, NEC, Mitel, Samsung, and Panasonic. Moreover, we install auxiliary features such as computer telephony integration, voice-mail, call logging, call management software, and call recording systems. As a result of our knowledge and wide ranging options, coupled with our devotion and commitment to providing better quality service, we have become the first choice as communication system provider for various organizations. Business Ideas No matter what your line of business is, you must know that the importance given to the procedures and the way in which callers are greeted, echoes on the organization’s professionalism. Our variety of on-hold melody, call queuing, auto-attendant and call recording systems make certain that incoming calls are handled in a professional style. Customers do not pay much attention to the magnitude of your company or if you have a receptionist; all they want is a friendly fast and professional welcome. A professional representation necessitates more than just picking up calls when you happen to be around. Callers recognize that occasionally they are required to hold before they can be connected to an operator. During the waiting period, it is suitable to have music or a message playing or even a combination of both. “The consequence of a dilettante communication system is client exasperation, neglected prospects and an overall adverse notion of the company” Although professionalism and advanced feature are the need of the hour, it is important that they are efficient to use as well as flexible. The system should be able to support upgrades such as CTI and Voice over IP. Most importantly, they should be affordable.

Computer built-in Telephony Operating in an industry that is packed with ‘buzz words’ it is tricky to know what various features denote! Let alone understanding their functionality. Acorn Comms does not indulge in jargon and uses simple and easy English to explain what these features mean and how they can make the business more productive, profitable and efficient.  To learn more about call logging, recording, automated attendant system or direct and inward dialing, simply contact one of our advisors. For more information on the telephone systems we can offer, please contact us.





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