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My wife said to me this could really happen, how correct was she

CCTV: Welsh police and government turn off Chinese Hikvision cameras

The use by many Welsh public bodies of CCTV cameras linked to China is set to be scrapped or paused after concerns about security and human rights.

BBC research found Hikvision cameras are used by three of the four Welsh police forces and the Welsh government.

CCTV commissioner Fraser Sampson said the use of the surveillance systems was a "real risk" on "every corner".

Hikvision said it was false to represent the cameras as a threat to national security.

Prof Sampson spoke to BBC Wales after concerns UK police forces are leaving themselves vulnerable to spying by using Chinese-owned surveillance systems.

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Hikvision, part-owned by the Chinese government, has contracts with the Welsh government, and North Wales, Dyfed-Powys and Gwent Police.

But amid security and ethical concerns the Welsh government and two forces, Gwent and North Wales, are now either changing surveillance systems or freezing the purchase of equipment.

It comes after the US shot down a number of objects over North American airspace in recent days - including a suspected spy balloon - which China said was one of its weather balloons.

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